About Sandhya Hotels & Resorts

The mighty Himalayas are more than just a mountain range - they are a spiritual sanctuary, a place where one can find themselves, connect with nature and experience a profound sense of peace. The Himalayas are not just a place to visit- they are a state of mind, a way of being that will stay with you long after you leave

It is believed that when traveling through these growing, living and breathing Himalayan Ranges, you are always at a close proximity to a temple. An ancient abode of holiness, culture and people that love to share a meal and preferably a few drinks. All that goes into making the perfect trip is right here, at the Sandhya Group of Hotels. A luxury chain that gives you a chance to experience the culture, live locally and yet enjoy the beauty and madness that resides in these lush green mountains. Sandhya Group of Hotels is the perfect affair in the middle of this great culture, where you can enjoy a memorable stay. With the first property built in 1994, by the then young and bright, 26 years old K.R.Thakur, Sandhya Group has expanded to all the coveted areas over the past 2 decades. They have lodged over 1 lakh travelers who have lived and breathed the purity of the palace and the people that help make their stay memorable. Sandhya Group of Hotels has built a strong and steadfast relationship with the guests, providing them with all the amenities and luxuries of the hill, while still maintaining a rooted Himachali experience.